• Wall-Corner Protection Systems: Crash bands, corner guards, grab bars, rigid PVC wall protection plates, protective door coverings, car park walls and corner guards, etc.
  • Infrastructure Materials: Self-leveling, Adhesive and Primer
  • Rubber Floor Coverings (Indoor-Outdoor)
  • PVC Floor Coverings
  • LVT Floor Coverings
  • Epoxy Floor Coatings
Odin İnşaat
  • Carpet (Roll, tile, special design)
  • Skirting (Aluminum, PVC, Rubber…)
  • Complete Stair Coverings, Stair Nosebands,Transition Profiles
  • Anti-Slip Tapes, Floor Markings
  • Floor mat (indoor and outdoor, aluminum frame, carpet / rubber strip, fatigue relieving,
  • non-slip wet floor mats etc.) (Odin production)
  • Raised Flooring Systems
  • Dilatation profiles
  • Deck, Parquet application, scraper and maintenance
  • Colored MDF manufacturing
  • Under Screed Flooring
  • Products for Elderly and Physically Handicapped
  • Routing Systems
  • Upholstery

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